The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has authorized five Umrah Application Service Providers (UASPs) to facilitate communication between the Data Center and Umrah Companies and Travel Agents around the world. USAPs also ensure that best business practices are followed and that data transactions are completed on time. UASPs also allow businesses to concentrate on planning, organizing, and supervising operations.

A subscription to one of the five UASPs is required of all Umrah companies. All Umrah companies must meet all technical qualifications and requirements before subscribing. The Umrah company can post its Umrah packages once they have been chosen by a UASP.

The Umrah Application Service Provider (UASP) has published new rules and regulations for Umrah 1443 for Visa Issuance and Housing Concerning International Pilgrims from the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.

  • Pilgrim age 18+
  • Authorized Vaccine Doses can perform Umrah upon arrival.
  • Not Vaccinated will be quarantined for 7 days and do PCR on the 5th days and if the result is negative Pilgrim can perform Umrah on the 7th day.
  • Pilgrims Applications must include Photo-Vaccine Certificate-Passport copy
  • Umrah aspirants need to conform to the health and precautionary procedures set by the government to ensure their safety and security

  • Maximum pilgrims in group 25.
  • Minimum pilgrims in group 1.
  • Minimum Stays 5 days.
  • Makkah is mandatory.
  • Madinah is optional.
  • PCR test before leaving the kingdom is subjected to the entry regulations of the pilgrim's country of arrival

  • Don’t go to Makkah first.
  • Don’t do to Madinah through Jeddah Airport.

  1. Book hotel and transportation packages from and authorized platform
  2. Make sure your E-Wallet is topped up with enough amounts to cover the hotel and transportation booking.
  3. Transportation and hotel booking starting dates should be same on BRN.
  4. Available Hotels are the ones listed on the authorized platforms
  5. Only 2 pax per room.