Zowar Local Umrah

Zowar is obliged to announce that we are up to serve the respected citizens of Saudi Arabia and GCC Countries and residents. Zowar Local Umrah is special designed for the citizens and residents of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar.

In Zowar Local Umrah, we are providing all categories of Hotels for your comfort. From 5 Star luxurious hotels to economy hotels which meet all the expectations of our respected customers. As well as, our all hotels have been approved by MAQAM GDS (Ministry of Hajj & Umrah).

Zowar Local Umrah Guarantees the that the citizens and the residents of Saudi Arabia and GCC Countries will get the best possible services from Zowar Local Umrah.

Not only hotels, Zowar Local Umrah also provides you the varieties of Transport as well. One can book from a Sedan car to a seat in Bus with different categories as their requirements.

All these services are being provided to the residents and citizens of Saudi Arabia and GCC Countries so they will perform Umrah in a Spiritual Environment.

So visit us today at https://gcc.zowar.com.sa

Diclaimer: Any Moatamir who is holding an Umrah Visa, cannot book any Hotel or Tranportation throught Zowar Local Umrah.

The local citizens and residents of Saudi Arabia must book their Umrah Appointment through "Eitmarna" application on their mobile phones. As well as they can book from Zowar through Eitmarna app after getting Umrah Appointment through "Eitmarna".